Kimera Labs is the leading exosome biotechnology laboratory specializing in the production of perinatal mesenchymal stem cell-derived (MSC) exosome products for scientific and clinical research. 

Vive serum is a topical solution specially developed for skin care purposes. The product contains proteins, enzymes, growth factors, and exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).

The MSC cell bank utilized in the manufacturing process is meticulously isolated from donated human placenta. The cells are rigorously characterized for identity and safety by a team of experienced scientists. Although this is a topical non FDA-cleared product, the manufacturing process is performed following strict cGMP guidelines in an FDA inspected laboratory, in full compliance with applicable regulations to ensure the quality and safety of the product for human use.

Advanced Formula

With Hyaluronic Acid, 16 Amino Acids, Vitamin C, Rose Water, plus Trehalose*

*Reference: Echigo, R., Shimohata, N., Karatsu, K. et al. Trehalose treatment suppresses inflammation, oxidative stress, and vasospasm induced by experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage. J Transl Med 10, 80 (2012).


The Utilization Of Human Placental Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes​

Forty patients were enrolled in a randomized, double-blinded, placebo (saline) controlled study. There were 20 patients in the treatment group and 20 patients in the saline control group. Each group underwent facial micro-needling with immediate topical application of either 5 billion exosomes suspended in saline, or saline alone. Treatments were repeated at 30, 60, and 90 days, with final analysis at 120 days. Standardized photography was coupled with 3-dimensional analysis utilizing the Quantificare Imaging System. Linear analog tests were also administered to objectify patient satisfaction.

There were no adverse reactions, allergic, or hypersensitivity reactions reported. The exosome treatment group showed improved tone, quality, and clarity of their skin compared to the control group (p < .0001), with a reduction in wrinkles, pores, pigment, oiliness, and improvement in evenness of skin and vascularity. There was a constant progression of satisfaction with results in the treatment group from 30 to 120 days, compared with a high degree of dissatisfaction with results in the control group.









Kimera® Labs

A leading exosome biotechnology laboratory specializing in the production of perinatal mesenchymal stem cell-derived (MSC) exosome products for scientific and clinical research. Founded in 2012 by Duncan Ross, Ph.D., Kimera Labs has been the leader in the field of MSC exosome production and isolation. Unlike biologic tissue laboratories that manufacture exosome products by direct processing of donor tissues such as adult bone marrow or placenta, Kimera Labs produces MSC exosomes from isolated mesenchymal stem cell cultures using chemically defined media, which contain no animal or human serum, following regulations laid out by the FDA. Using advanced, proprietary, exosome isolation technology, Kimera produces the highest-purity MSC exosomes at scale to enable clinical development of novel, exosome-based, therapeutic modalities. By harvesting, isolating and purifying the developmental message contained within exosomes produced by perinatal mesenchymal stem cells, we believe further study will demonstrate that it is possible to stimulate healing processes and tissue regeneration that can benefit patients of any age.